A Year Of Blogging About Early Music



A little over a year ago, I stared blogging as a kind of experiment to see if it was possible to sustain a blog about Early Music, a catch-all term for an area of classical music that more often than not defies description*.

Beyond the challenge of sharing opinions (mine and others), news, videos, and events from all over the world, I also wanted a forum devoid of anyone with editorial power over me. I wanted a space where I could bring together all manner of information worth sharing that was mine alone to tend, like a virtual garden.

A year later and hundreds of posts in, the blog has grown on many levels, including topics and audience. I feel like my voice continues to develop and gets refined a little more with every new post.

Most of all, it’s still fun.

Whether you visit often, infrequently, or are discovering my blog for the first time, I invite you to have a look around, watch a video, follow a link, or explore any page that catches your eye. (I also invite you to subscribe by clicking this sentence.)

Here are some categories to start with.

*Generally speaking, Early Music can cover the Middle Ages through the Romatic Era, yet it can also overlap (a bit) with World and New Music. It’s broad, yes, but it can also be quite specific. Ask anyone who has a favorite group, repertoire, or composer, and they’ll give you a very personal (and often narrow) definition. Ask me who my favorites are and I’ll politely beg off—it’s impossible to answer in brief.

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