“Accenti queruli” by Giovanni Felice Sances



The aria Accenti queruli by Giovanni Felice Sances, an early Italian baroque composer and singer, is arguably his most popular next to a setting of the stabat mater. Both are composed over ground basses and are melancholy in nature, yet Accenti is set over an upbeat ciaccona.

Below you can download for free my edition of the aria, taken from Sances’ libro secondo of 1633, which should ideally be performed by soprano and basso continuo.


There are two excellent recordings that contain Accenti:

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  • Olga Porras

    Thank you very much for allowing the free access to such a beautiful piece. I will sing it, hopefully soon , in Mérida, Venezuela, where G.F. Sances’ music has never been performed in concerts.

  • My pleasure, Olga! All the best.