“Audite me” by Giovanni Felice Sances



I discovered the vocal works of Giovanni Felice Sances, an early Italian Baroque composer, over a decade ago thanks to a friend who loved his music. She was especially fond of the aria Accenti queruli and its attractive ciaccona bass.

And although Sances’s compositions for one and two voices have been recorded with some frequency, there is only a single definitive recording, albeit selections, of his pieces for solo soprano—Extases baroque with Maria Cristina Kiehr and Concerto Soave.

Included in the recording is the motet Audite me (“Hear me”), set to a text from Ecclesiastes associated with the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary. Like Accenti, the piece is composed over a ciaccona (partially), and includes a concluding passacaglia—common ground basses during the period.

You can download my edition of Audite me below for free. Here’s a translation of the original Latin text.

Hear me, O divine fruit, and a rose planted by a stream of water, bud forth.
Produce a fragrance as sweet as frankincense.
Send forth flowers as the lily, and yield an aroma, and bring forth leaves in grace, and praise in song, and bless the Lord in his works.

The motet may be sung by sopranos and altos (and countertenors) without the need to transpose.


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