Bach and Handel Fight Crime in New York City



Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City (photo: Wally Gobetz)

Is your place of business suffering from too much loitering? Here’s one solution.

Back in 2006, some of New York City’s transit hubs used Baroque music to keep unwanted loitering down to a minimum. Apparently, Bach and Handel were the composers of choice.

Pop music was the soundtrack in Pennsylvania Station until 1995, but the mix of instrumentalized Beatles songs and top 40 hits proved irritating to customers and did little to improve the station’s atmosphere, according to [Amtrak spokesman Richard] Rubel. The switch to baroque music from pop was intended to add some much-needed gravitas to the station, he said, and to act as a deterrent against loitering. When classical music was piped into convenience store parking lots, loitering decreased, a study has shown.

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Transit Hubs See Benefits of Baroque in the Background (The Sun)

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