Bach in the Subways, Ctd



On the heels of a Wall Street Journal feature, New York-based cellist Dale Henderson and his “Bach in the Subways” project has also been the focus of a CNN segment.

A fascinating look at an atypical street performer, Henderson has an opportunity to describe his goals and relatively short history of playing in New York City subways. Most importantly, we get to hear him play and see the facial expressions of those within earshot.

Not only is he very good, but he’s able to genuinely captivate his perpetually transient audience.


Learn More: Dale Henderson Website

(photo: Dale Henderson by Daniela Sessa)

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  • Michelle

    ALL subway musicians perform for free. None of them charges or demands money. Their donations box is just a suggestion. Like the cellist noted – people want to give money to a busker even if there is no donations box. By not providing a donations box, the busker is actually insulting his audience. Giving back to a favorite busker is part of the experience. I think the only reason why he doesn’t have a donations box is because he is scared of the stigma of a street musician.

  • Anonymous

    You have a point, but I’m not sure where his reticence comes from. For a professionally trained cellist, who has presumably been paid for non-street performances (or at the very least expects to be), it doesn’t really make sense.

    I’ve never thought of the offense that the audience might take if a busker doesn’t completely fulfill his/her role, which also means putting out a donation box. It goes to show that whatever we feel or want as performers, the audience reacts in ways we can’t predict and that we have to at least respect basic conventions.