Blanche Moyse and J.S. Bach



Blanche Moyse (photo: Courtesy of Brattleboro Music Center, Vermont)

Until I read about Blanche Moyse passing away last month, I had no idea who she was and what a remarkable life she had. Her second career as a choral conductor inevitably led her to the great works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Over her career she conducted the “St. Matthew Passion” more than 15 times and Mass in B minor more than 10 times. “I feel that the difference is getting to know more and more of the music more and more intimately,” she told American Record Collector. “I know all the main themes and how they go, all the companion themes, all the ornamentation, I know all that. Now it’s like getting inside a forest and knowing more and more of the trees, all of them by their names.”

Apparently, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Read more: Blanche Moyse, Music School Founder, Dies at 101 (New York Times)

Autumn in Marlboro, Vermont (photo: redjar)

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