CD Review: “Le Journal du Printemps” with L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra



It’s a good sign when I catch myself listening to any CD more than usual, which means I really enjoy it.

With that said, I simply cannot get enough of the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra‘s vibrant groove and, frankly, have lost count of how many times I’ve listened to the entire CD. It’s typical when a CPO label recording is involved, but this one is off the charts.

If you’ve never heard of Baroque composer J.C.F Fischer, his orchestral suites “The Journal of Spring,” or the orchestra, it doesn’t matter. The performance will make you want more of all three.


J.C.F. Fischer: Le Journal du Printemps (MP3 or CD)

Learn more:

L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra Website

(L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra; photo: Franz G. Szabo)

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