CD Review Links: Il Giardino Armonico, Jordi Savall, and Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin



Reviews of note.

  • Ottone in Villa – Vivaldi – Il Giardino Armonico: “Ottone is humbler in scale than many lavish operas of the time, but there is no lack of musical invention or showmanship – particularly when brought to life with such verve by a terrific cast under conductor Giovanni Antonini, with the trademark percussive vibrancy of Il Giardino Armonico.” –Graham Rogers
  • The Art of Fugue – J.S. Bach – Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin: “I’m not sure about the alternation of string and wind groups within a single fugue, which confuses the argument, but their scintillating responsiveness to Bach’s complex structures is a continual delight.” –Nicholas Kenyon
  • Dinastia Borgia – Various – Jordi Savall, dir.: “The performances are decent without ever being really ear-catching, and the whole experience amounts to considerably less than the sum of its glossy parts.” –Andrew Clements

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