Concert Review Links: Academy of Ancient Music, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, and Sequentia



A few concert reviews of note.

Academy of Ancient Music (Egarr), Cambridge:

Johann Christian’s D major harpsichord was in the spruce “galant” style the English liked so much. It was so perfectly anodyne that not even soloist Richard Egarr’s conspiratorial grins at his fellow players and expressive kneading of the rhythms could rescue it.

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (Jurowski), London:

The symphonic poem Totenfeier, the original version of what became the first movement of the Resurrection Symphony, had an irresistible sweep. Jurowski ensured all its details, some of them strikingly different from the final version, made their point: from the macabre funeral march at the beginning to the insistent cymbal clashes that drive it to a climax. Even then, you realise, Mahler was a symphonic composer like none before him.

Sequentia (Bagby), New York City:

Mr. Bagby, who played the harp, and his five colleagues (who also included Vincent Pislar and Michael Loughton Smith) sang with flair throughout the evening…

(Benjamin Bagby, director of Sequentia; photo: Frank Ferville)

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