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If you’ve ever wondered whether or not double bassists have a sense of humor, here’s proof that they most certainly do.

Curtis Daily, principal bassist with the Portland Baroque Orchestra, was asked by James Bash (Oregon Music News) about an incident surrounding a performance of Joseph Haydn‘s symphony no. 60, Il Distratto (“The Distracted”).

We thought we’d ham it up a little because Il Distratto is something of a strange piece anyway. Haydn wrote into the upper string parts that the players would come to a crashing stop a few bars into the the last movement and then spend a lot of time doing a bad job of re-tuning before resuming the music. In the bass section we didn’t have anything to do while they were tuning, so I ran down to the local Safeway before the Friday show and picked up a couple copies of the Enquirer. We got to catch up on what our favorite movie stars are up to and we got a few laughs.

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Portland Baroque Orchestra in concert (photo: Hiroshi Iwaya)

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