Dan Savage Hates Mozart and Bach



It’s not a serious as it sounds. Allow me to explain.

I just finished Dan Savage‘s excellent book “The Kid,” about the process he and his partner, Terry, went through in adopting their son, D.J.

They live in Seattle, Washington, and decided to go through an adoption agency in Portland, Oregon, which is a few hours drive away.

And since they made trip several times during the process, music was always a point of contention between the two fathers-to-be.

Towards the end of the book, they were still making the drive to Portland, even after the adoption went through, yet there was now a consensus about the choice of music.

We didn’t have to argue about the music on the drive down. We hardly ever argue about music anymore, because now we listen to stuff we both hate. Terry saw something on TV about Mozart and Bach making babies smarter. With D.J. strapped into his new, larger front-facing car seat, we listened to Bach for three hours down I-5 to Portland.

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"I Hate Mozart" (photo: Ton Zijlstra)

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