Daytripping in Indiana: The Art Institute of Chicago



My most recent escape from Bloomington briefly took me to Chicago and, more specifically, the Art Institute, where I revisited some of my favorite Renaissance and baroque paintings, had coffee with a colleague some ten blocks away, and returned to the Institute for a concert of New Music given by the I.U. Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. All in all, it was a fun day.

By far, most of the photos I took on the trip were of museum-goers viewing art. It hit me not long after I arrived, that they were just as interesting to look at as the art itself.

I am fascinated with the way people commune in front of a great work of art, either alone or in a group. Their body language speaks volumes without having to utter a single word. For the ones who were accompanied, there was some discussion, usually to celebrate the beauty of a work (and, at other times, to express disapproval).

Walking around the Institute and looking for the right shot gave me a lot to contemplate. Mainly, that museums are just warehouses if there is no-one around to appreciate the art. Self-evident, yes, but it’s nice to be reminded.

Watch a slide show of the photos I took that day.

and, if accompanied, what they  choose to chat about with a friend.

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