Early Music in Argentina: Ramiro Albino and the Aging Audience



Teatro Avenida, Buenos Aires, Argentina (photo: sfer/Flickr)

In a blog post entitled “Who attends Early Music concerts?,” Argentinian musician Ramiro Albino wonders, much like we do (and obsess over) in North America, about the aging audience and lack of younger people at performances.

The thought came to him after attending concerts in Buenos Aires on three consecutive days—Saturday: soprano Soledad de la Rosa and La Barroca del Suquía, Sunday: Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra (SBYO), and Monday: Café Zimmermann. (The first and last are period instrument ensembles.)

He was surprised at how few young people he saw in the audience throughout, especially on Saturday when there were “many elderly (and very elderly) people” present. Things got better during the following days, but not enough to feel reassured.

Albino left us with questions to ponder, the very same ones we’re asking ourselves these days.

  1. “Who is to tackle the issue? (Musicians, promoters, schools?)”
  2. “Isn’t it time to change the concert format and presentation?”
  3. “Isn’t it telling that the Mozarteum [Argentino] has so many youth subscriptions, and that in other locations and series there is scarcely anyone under 25?”

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  • Ramiro Albino

    hi Bernard!!

    First of all: thanks for the post.

    Then, my ANSWER to my own questions: IT IS TIME TO CHANGE CONCERTS FORMAT (don`t you think so?).

    I’d like to read your oppinion.

    Ramiro Albino (ramiroalbino@hotmail.com)

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