Early Music in Cuba: Conjunto de Musica Ars Longa



Interior of the "Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción," Santiago de Cuba. (photo: Tina Li)

The Conjunto de Musica Ars Longa is perhaps the most prominent musical organization in modern-day Cuba devoted to the study and performance of European and Latin American early music, focusing on a wide range of repertoire from the Middle Ages through the 18th Century.

Based in Old Havana, they are led by director Teresa Paz and musicologist Miriam Escudero.

Apart from the usual repertoire performed by European and American ensembles, the Conjunto also focuses on the music of Esteban Salas y Castro (1725-1803), a native-born  Cuban composer who was music director at the cathedral in Santiago de Cuba during the second-half of the 18th Century.

His music gives Cuba a distinct presence within the Spanish colonial repertoire of the Americas.

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