Early Music in Spain: More than Jordi Savall



More Hispano (photo: courtesy of the ensemble)

Whenever talk of early music in Spain comes up, Jordi Savall‘s name is the first person that many people think of. And rightfully so since he’s not only one of the great pioneers, but a man of profound accomplishment. Thankfully, he’s nowhere near calling it quits.

Can you think of any ensembles based in Spain other than Savall’s?

Below are seven groups that have been on my radar at different points throughout the last few years, and which have made a tremendous impression on me.

Have a look at their video, visit their website, and (if you’re feeling especially curious) go ahead and follow them on Twitter.

You won’t be disappointed.

More Hispano (Vicente Parrilla, dir.)

Raquel Andueza and La Galanía

Accademia del Piacere (Fahmi Alqhai, dir.)

Forma Antiqva (Aarón Zapico, dir.)

La Ritirata (Josetxu Obregón, dir.)

La Tempestad

Los Músicos de Su Alteza (Luis Antonio González, dir.)

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