Early Music Labels You Should Know About, pt. 2



This post continues a series on excellent record labels for Early Music, the first of which was published a while back.

Alia Vox

A multi-purpose label that is both the recording arm of Jordi Savall’s many projects and his official website, as well as that of his ensembles and members of his family. You can purchase any recording in the catalog and view beforehand the track listings and program notes. Unfortunately, librettos are not available to download. (visit site)


A terrific label with consistently beautiful and high-quality recordings. Of particular note are the releases by Nachtmusique, Emilio Moreno, and Mitzi Meyerson. This is a good label to explore a composer or ensemble you’ve never heard of. It’ll no doubt be a winner. (visit site)


The oldest early music label on the list and one of the most well-known, Accent has been releasing great recordings of traditional and obscure repertoire for over thirty years. I’m hesitant to recommend any one recording because I have so many favorites (a contradiction, I know). But if you have to start somewhere, pick any recording with Bart Kuijken. (visit site)

Carpe Diem

The company motto says it all: “a label for border-crossers.” They cover some pretty fantastic Early Music, New Music, and Improvised Music (and many paths in between). I find them to be a good source for early Baroque repertoire, and, in particular, music from Italy (start with recordings by cornettist William Dongois). (visit site)

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