Ensemble Links: Doulce Mémoire and Capilla Flamenca



Ensembles of note, in their own words. (Click on the country to learn more.)

France: Doulce Mémoire (Denis Raisin Dadre, dir.).

Doulce Mémoire is synonymous, above all, with energy and team spirit, and with the delight of coming together with the common aim of taking a new look at the sacred and secular music of the Renaissance…The humdrum and the monotonous are shunned by Doulce Mémoire, which moves with ease from Renaissance cabaret (La Dive Bouteille) to mystical music for Holy Week and from the Requiem for the Kings of France to commedia dell’arte in its latest show, Viva Venezia!

Belgium: Capilla Flamenca (Dirk Snellings, Lieven Termont, Tore Denys, and Marnix De Cat).

The vocal and instrumental consort Capilla Flamenca takes its name from the choir of the court chapel of Emperor Charles V. When Charles left the Low Countries in 1517, he took his best musicians with him in order to accompany him as ‘living polyphony’ to Spain.

Today’s Capilla Flamenca recruits its specialized musicians mainly from Flanders so as to bring to life again the unique timbre of this brilliant 15th – 16th music in its full authenticity. According to the needs of the programme or genre, today’s vocal core of the ensemble (counter tenor – tenor – baritone – bass) is enlarged with an alta capella (wind instruments), a bassa capella (string instruments), an organ or with complementary singers.

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