Ensemble Links: La Sfera Armoniosa and Notturna



Ensembles of note, in their own words. (Click on the country to read more.)

The Netherlands: La Sfera Armoniosa (Mike Fentross, dir.)

…make early music sound as if it’s just been composed. They take the time to fathom the beauty of sound and emotion contained in the music. La Sfera perform not only music by well-known composers but also unknown works, which, after extensive research, have been distilled from early printed works and manuscripts.

La Sfera Armoniosa (photo: Paul van Riel)

Canada: Notturna (Christopher Palameta, dir.)

…dedicated to the performance of early music written for winds. The members of the ensemble are distinguished performers who specialize in historical performance of the 18th and 19th centuries. Notturna draws on the transparency and expressiveness of early wind instruments to paint fresh pictures of unexplored repertoire.

Notturna (photo: courtesy of the ensemble)

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