Ensemble Links: Le Baroque Nomade and Musica Fiorita



Ensembles of note, in their own words. (Click on the country to learn more.)

France: XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade (Jean-Christophe Frisch, dir.).

XVIII-21 aims at finding other kinds of music: music that is exotic or different; music that is listened to in other ways, by other kinds of people. This pursuit sometimes involves violence, restrictions or confrontation. But it also makes way for an encounter, a fundamental, liberating passion.

Switzerland: Musica Fiorita (Daniela Dolci, dir.).

Musica Fiorita, with its balanced mix of vocal and instrumental music and the contrast between sacred and secular music, achieves in its concert programs the concept of variety embodied by the early and late Baroque. The performance of selected chamber music is staged, as it was once, as a social event. Church music lives, on the other hand, on simplicity, poetry and deepness.

(Top: Jean-Christophe Frisch; photo: Courtesy of the Ensemble; Bottom: Daniela Dolci; photo: Susanna Drescher)

Jean-Christophe Frisch

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