Ensemble Links: Les Délices, ORLANDOviols, and Nachtmusique



A few early music ensembles of note, in their own words.

  • CLEVELAND: Les Délices — “…brings together artists with national reputations who share a passion for this exquisite yet seldom heard repertoire. Their performances on period instruments allows them to explore a rich tapestry of tone colors, and the group’s name conveys their approach to the music of this era: a delight, a fine delicacy, sumptuous, and exciting.”
  • ENGLAND: ORLANDOviols — “…inspired by the historical context of consort music but also by the sounds of our modern communication society. Although all members are successful as soloists, transparency and communication in polyphonic music and a common consort sound is of greatest importance…”
  • ENGLAND: Nachtmusique — “Formed in 1990 specially to perform late 18th-century Harmoniemusik, Nachtmusique have toured throughout Europe, America and Australia. Its members, specialists in the field, also play with the best of the larger early music ensembles: Orchestra of the 18th century, Freiburger Barockorchester, Anima Eterna, Orchestre des Champs-Elysées, London Classical Players, etc.”


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