Ensemble Links: Private Musicke and La Donna Musicale



Ensembles of note, in their own words. (Click on the country to read more.)

Austria: Private Musicke (Pierre Pitzl, dir.)

…a consort of viols, on one hand, a consort of plucked instruments – primarily guitars and lutes – on the other, and, sometimes, it is both. In combination with singers and additional instrumentalists a myriad of instrumental settings presents itself: each project the ensemble undertakes has a unique sound concept, each leaves the listener amazed once again by the ensemble’s compelling arrangements and extensive repertoire. Of course, improvisation also plays a vital role…The name “Private Musicke” is taken from a collection of consort music by the English composer Martin Peerson from the year 1620.

Pierre Pitzl (photo: courtesy of the artist)

United States: La Donna Musicale (Laury Gutierrez, dir.)

La Donna Musicale was formed in 1992 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and the historical performance of Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Contemporary music by women composers…The ensemble is presently guided by a group of prominent individuals who, through the dedicated work as Boards of Directors and Advisors, represent both the artistic and business community. Since its inception, the researchers and performers of La Donna Musicale have studied more than 17 women composers, performed 100 pieces in 18 concerts, and gathered over 1,000 works.

La Donna Musicale in concert (photo: George Imirzian)

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