Eric Whitacre and World’s Best Choirs, Ctd



Composer Eric Whitacre responds to the controversy surrounding an article he wrote for Gramophone Magazine, where he reflected on the world’s best choirs as chosen by Gramophone. Whitacre stands by what he wrote, yet clarifies his position.

“At the end of the day, I was asked to write about my love of British choirs, so that is what I did. If I would have been asked to write about my love of American choirs, I would have written a completely different article, about the American choir’s extraordinary stylistic range, their deep understanding of the texts, their natural musicianship, their freedom of sound. And I would have written different articles had I been asked to write about my love of Scandinavian choirs, or Asian choirs, or European choirs, or African choirs, or Australian choirs, or South American choirs.”

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