“Handel for Harry Potter fans”



"George Frideric Harry Potter"

I never thought coming across a Handel opera review with a Harry Potter connection would surprise me, yet here it is courtesy of the Daily Mail. And I’m a little more than taken aback.

(On that note, I never thought I’d find myself poorly Photoshopping Daniel Radcliffe’s mug onto a Handel painting to drive home the point of the title, either, but there you have it.)

One of the most distinguished opera companies in England the world paints a more-than-subliminal picture in this summer’s production of Rinaldo, which coincides—just in time—with the final installment, “Part the Second,” in the Potter movie series.

It’s back to school for Handel as Glyndebourne celebrates the 300th anniversary of this, his first London hit, by setting it in a classroom, bike shed, dormitory and science lab.

Robert Carsen’s ingenious and very silly new production has this heroic Crusader knights saga re-imagined as the daydream fantasies of a Rinaldo transformed into a geeky, Harry Potter-like schoolboy during a history lesson on the First Crusade.

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