Harmonia Early Music: 700th Episode



During the week of November 22, Harmonia listeners around the country (and beyond) will be able to enjoy the 700th Harmonia episode, a food and drink themed show entitled “Feasting and Gluttony.”

The milestone comes months shy of another significant event in the program’s history. Next summer will mark the 20th season on the air.

Fun Facts About Harmonia*:

  • Angela Mariani has hosted all seven hundred episodes.
  • Engineer Michael Paskash has put together the last five hundred.
  • It debuted in October of 1991 with Angela as writer, producer, and host!
  • It’s currently heard on 190 stations, as well as online, and is produced by WFIU Public Radio, Bloomington, Indiana.

Learn More: Visit Harmonia’s archives and listen to earlier episodes.

*I’ve contributed over 150 episodes.

(The Flammarion woodcut from Camille Flammarion‘s L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire of 1888.)

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