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A couple of summers ago, I found myself driving through the town of Granada, Nicaragua—a relatively small, yet popular Spanish colonial city some forty-five minutes from Managua. At some point on the drive, my eye caught a sign for a hotel located on a quiet side street, hidden away on the south of town.

The sign read “Casa Vivaldi.”

Unfortunately, there was no time to stop, even for a quick picture, so I vowed to return and investigate. I mean, how often does anyone see Vivaldi’s name in Nicaragua? And attached to a hotel, nonetheless.

I was finally able to return this past weekend and, at the very least, photograph the front of what turned out to be a three-star hotel.

While I was busy taking photo after photo of the façade, trying to capture it in just a the right way, I noticed two men sitting off to the side. They were probably enjoying the intermittent streams of lovely young women walking by (the sights, in any case).

Without hesitating, I greeted the two and began clicking away.

The elder gentleman on the right is the owner of the hotel. And the man sitting on the step is his attendant. They were both very kind to let me take photographs.

I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get a chance to ask how the hotel got its name.

Perhaps when I return.

Learn more: Hotel Casa Vivaldi (Granada)

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