I Fagiolini Editions



It’s often difficult for vocal ensembles to find good scores of early music. Either it hasn’t been published in an accessible modern (or facsimile) edition or it’s too expensive to acquire. Many professional ensembles get around the problem by creating their own, which also solves potential copyright issues, especially when going into the recording studio.

Robert Hollingsworth, director of I Fagiolini, has been making his own editions over several years for, no doubt, practical purposes. And he’s made them available for purchase on the ensemble’s website.

The selection is very telling of the kind of repertoire I Fagiolini regularly performs—madrigals and chansons. The catalog includes mostly Italian and English composers, yet there are pieces by others, as well. The editions are easy to purchase (PayPal or bank transfer) and receive through email. (It hardly gets easier than that.)

Take a look: I Fagiolini Editions

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