In Memory of Amalia Brockmann Astorga de Gordillo (1933-2010)




If I close my eyes
I can see a single image
Which stands out in the midst
Of a thousand times a thousand memories
One image of a young AMALIA
Captured in a fleeting moment of celebration

If I close my eyes
She stands in a classical pose
Of history and of revelry
Her smile alight with joy
A mesmerizing beauty
The kind which camouflages age
As has always been bestowed upon so few

If I close my eyes
She raises a glass to make a toast
But there is no one present
To receive the honor
Does she merely pose?
Perhaps she toasts the heavens

If I close my eyes
She continues to inspire me
Reassure me of her love
And remind me of so much laughter
So much happiness shared

If I close my eyes
I know she’s gone
Yet that one image will forever be remembered
Among so many memories and experiences
Which cannot be lost
Or for any length misplaced

But only if I close my eyes.

(Bernard Joseph Gordillo – Recited, June 17, 2010 – Iglesia San Francisco – Managua, Nicaragua)

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  • dharmonia

    Beautiful! Estoy llorando.

  • Pituflowers

    Dear Bernard, what a beautiful poem for Amalia! What a way to remember her with such loving words. Many hugs from all our family.
    Beatriz De Irisarri