Video: “It’s just old pop music”



Often, when you go to a concert of a favorite ensemble, there’s a feeling of connection between you and the group. It’s very personal and indescribable, something hard to pin down. And if you’re a regular concertgoer, you will inevitably experience special moments when an ensemble goes out of their way to entertain.

The video below is one of those moments.

The Norwegian ensemble Barokksolistene, with violin soloists Bjarte Eike and Miloš Valent, has taken John Playford’s St. Paul’s Steeple and created a musical duel. Eike and Valent play around and ham it up while the rest of the ensemble enable both of them. It’s fun to watch and, I can imagine, fun to be on stage.

After watching the video, I went to the Barokksolistene website and found this quote prominently displayed on the home page: “It’s just old pop music.” (Gotta love ’em.)

Learn more: visit the Barokksolistene website.

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