iTunes Doesn’t Lie



All of the top ten lists that get posted this time of year, including the one I do for Harmonia, got me wondering if there’s a more objective way to measure listening preferences/frequency.

Then I discovered, under my very nose, the iTunes default playlist “Top 25 Most Played,” which keeps count of every track I’ve listened to since installing the player on my computer about one year and a half ago.

The list below contains the top twelve (I won’t force all twenty-five on you).

If anything, the playlist will tell you what music I like to listen over and over again, often set to “repeat one.” I recognize all of the tracks as being particularly useful for writing while in a zen-like state, repeating ad nauseam. It definitely helps the process and allows me to channel the right kind of energy.

Here is the list as of around midnight on 12/28/2010 (number of plays, composer, piece, and recording):

I hope it looks a little different a year from now, but it may not.

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