J.S. Bach the Investor



A new discovery about a non-musical aspect of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s life has further enriched his biography and placed the spotlight on a member of the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig. Reported by Gabriele Fleischer in the German newspaper Freie Presse,

“Johannn Sebastian Bach was connected with mining in the Freiberg area. This has now been discovered in the Freiberg mine archive by Gewandhaus Contrabassist Eberhard Spree (a sensational find also for the archive). Thirty-eight lengthy and unknown Bach documents prove that the Thomaskantor had shares in the coal mine of St. Ursula in Kleinvoigtsberg [i.e. north of Freiberg] from 1741 up to his death in 1750. To discover it among the 140,000 stock registries of the Bergarchiv was time consuming. Tenacity, the love of the son of a pastor’s family from the Erz mountains [presumably Spree’s family], and the support of the geologist Jens Kugler led to the bullseye.”

(Thanks to D.S. for the translation.)

Read more: Thomaskantor auf bergmännischen Abwegen (in German)

(Eberhard Spree; photo: Gert Mothes)

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