Le Parlement de Musique Performs Anthony Fiumara



Le Parlement de Musique (photo: courtesy of the ensemble)

Modern compositions for period instruments no longer have the novelty they once did, yet there are a handful of works that grab hold of the listener and inspire the imagination.

“The House That I Built” by Anthony Fiumara is one such piece that hypnotizes from the sounding of the very first notes.

Commissioned by the Utrecht Early Music Festival, the work is written for two sopranos and a modest continuo ensemble. It is based on lines from Henry Thoreau‘s “Walden” (1854):

This is the house that I built,
This is the man that lives in the house that I built,
These are the folks that worry the man that lives in the house that I built.

Fiumara’s work was premiered by at the 2010 festival by Le Parlement de Musique.

The performers are Eugénie Warnier and Élodie Fonnard, sopranos, Emmanuelle Guigues, viola da gamba, Marc Wolf, theorbo, and Martin Gester, chamber organ (recorded by Concertzender).


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