Links: Ballad Opera in Charleston, Mozart and Microbes, and Maarten Engeltjes



A few early music links of note.

  • Charleston, South Carolina: A revival of the 18th-century ballad opera “Flora” at the Spoleto Festival USA received a positive review in the New York Times. The opera’s original Charleston premiere took place in 1736.
  • Treuenbrietzen, Germany: A local sewage plant has had noticeable success in using Mozart’s music to promote microbial activity, thereby leading to a more rapid breakdown of waste. Apparently, “the secret is in the vibrations.”
  • Meet a young countertenor: A native of the Netherlands, Maarten Engeltjes has been singing nearly his entire life. He has already performed under many important conductors and with a number of famous ensembles in opera, oratorio, and recital. Visit his website to learn more.

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