Links: Jeffrey Thomas Masterclass, Dominik Zuchowicz Remembered, and Antony Pay Interview



Early music links of note. (Click on the news organization to read more.)

  • Jeffrey Thomas’ Handel master class at the Conservatory (The Examiner): “…the first in a series of three Baroque Master Classes held at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in collaboration with the American Bach Soloists (ABS).”
  • Dominik Zuchowicz: A craftsman’s life in music (Ottawa Citizen): “Over a four-decade career, Zuchowicz made instruments for musicians around the world.”
  • Antony Pay: Speed Interview (OAE Blog): “…for me, working with those conductors who, like Brüggen and Leonhardt, still try to have us feel, think and play beyond those of our immediate instincts that are actually inappropriate to the music.”

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