Links: Marcello Sonatas Project, Teunis van der Zwart, and Johann Gottlieb Janitsch



A few early music links of note.

  • Marcello Sonatas Recording Project (Bass Blog): Chicago Symphony bassist Michael Hovnanian is on a mission to record the complete sonatas for violoncello and basso continuo by Benedetto Marcello.
  • Video: an Étude mélodique by Jacques Francois Gallay (Vrije Geluiden): Distinguished natural horn player Teunis van der Zwart performs live on the Dutch television program Vrije Geluiden.
  • No such thing as second-best in Christopher Palameta‘s sequel album of Janitsch chamber music (Toronto Star): A glowing review for ensemble Notturna‘s second ATMA recording of works by Johann Gottlieb Janitsch.

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