Links: Pepys, Staier, and Boesendorfer



A few early music links of note.

  • Old-school blogger: One of the most famous diarists in the English language, Samuel Pepys, can be read online. You can find out about who he was, the events preceding the diary, and, of course, his diary entries, among many other things. This year, Pepys’ diary celebrates its 350th anniversary.
  • More Goldbergs: German early keyboard virtuoso Andres Staier has finally recorded J.S. Bach’s ‘Goldberg’ variations. Watch Staier introduce his new recording.
  • By design: The car manufacturer Audi has created a new piano design for Bösendorfer. The sleek, modern, and “aerodynamic” look is, well, interesting.

[Update: It struck me just hours after I published this post that the Bösendorfer link has little if nothing to do with Early Music and that, perhaps, in the back of my mind I just wanted to share it because it was a cool bit of news. But, on second thought, it is worth noting that the esteemed piano company was founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828 during the Romantic Era. It’s relevant, after all.]

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