Meet a Musician: Alejandro Roca, Pianist



Bloomington, Indiana, is a special city for musicians—visitor or resident, foreign or domestic, famous or little-known. It also happens to be a city with a large university and a large school of music, a meeting place for all kinds of performers, educators, and researchers. This post is part of a photo series that looks at the many people in Bloomington who call themselves a musician.

Not long ago, Colombian pianist Alejandro Roca was in town to collaborate on a series of concerts and a recording with soprano Angelique Zuluaga. They’ve been working for several years on 19th- and 20th-century Colombian song from a region known as the Valle del Cauca. The program consisted of salon songs typical of the day—bambucos, pasillos, and danzas.

Alejandro was an excellent accompanist, to the say the least. But it’s no surprise when you consider that he’s “the official accompanist and assisting director of the Opera de Colombia, musical director of Opera Prima, vocal coach and music director of the opera workshop at Universidad Central (Bogotá).”

Alejandro and Angelique’s concerts were a success, and from what I hear, the recording sessions went well, too. I look forward to the release.

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