Meet a Musician: Alfredo Minetti, Pianist and Composer



Bloomington, Indiana, is a special city for musicians—visitor or resident, foreign or domestic, famous or little-known. It also happens to be a city with a large university and a large school of music, a meeting place for all kinds of performers, educators, and researchers. This post is part of a photo series that looks at the many people in Bloomington who call themselves a musician.

A music director, composer, arranger, and pianist, Alfredo Minetti is also a doctor—not of the medical variety, but of a cultural one—he holds a PhD from Indiana University in Cultural Anthropology. His professional statement speaks volumes:

“…research interests relate to the social dynamics of music: how music groups organize themselves, their social aesthetics, how they foster creativity, how different music styles and genres are embodied by individuals, audience development, and arts organizations.”

Alfredo is a champion of tango, a passionate music and dance form that originated in Argentina and Uruguay. He has a deeply personal connection to it:

“…tango is a channel through which one can reach their soul and the rich and nostalgic culture of those who long for a social existence with fewer losses, disappointments, inequalities, and alienation. Paraphrasing the great poet Enrique S. Discépolo… ‘tango is a sad thought that can be played.’”

His ensemble, Tangamente, is gearing up for a major festival in Bloomington, Zero Hour Tango Fest (put on by Minetti Productions), that will not only celebrate all-things tango, but promises to be something special.

I can imagine it will be.

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