Meet a Musician: Brooke Green, Vielle Player



Bloomington, Indiana, is a special city for musicians—visitor or resident, foreign or domestic, famous or little-known. It also happens to be a city with a large university and a large school of music, a meeting place for all kinds of performers, educators, and researchers. This post is part of a photo series that looks at the many people in Bloomington who call themselves a musician.

Brooke Green

Originally from Australia, Brooke Green has spent the last few years studying the treble viola da gamba and medieval vielle at Indiana University. An excerpt from her biography reveals a rich musical background:

After graduating from the University of Sydney, Australia, and after studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Brooke Green spent several years playing baroque and classical violin with London-based period instrument ensembles such as The Hanover Band, The Brandenburg Consort and The London Handel Orchestra. In 1992, in London, she founded backgammon, initially giving performances of music by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Isabella Leonarda and other neglected baroque composers. Backgammon was substantially developed in Sydney and Tasmania with many years of innovative programs that also included medieval, renaissance and contemporary music.

Brooke is also a senior producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Learn more: visit Brooke’s MySpace page.

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