Meet a Musician: David N. Baker, Jazz Great



Bloomington, Indiana, is a special city for musicians—visitor or resident, foreign or domestic, famous or little-known. It also happens to be a city with a large university and an equally large school of music, a meeting place for all kinds of performers, educators, and researchers. This post is part of a photo series that looks at the many people in Bloomington who call themselves a musician.

David N. Baker is a luminary in the jazz world. Next to musician, he has many other titles, including composer, educator, and professor. He is deeply respected and an inspiration to many people.

I’ve never performed under or taken a class from David, but I have had great conversations with him, mostly as a result of chance meetings. He never ceases to make an impression on me, always kind and engaging.

However, the one thing that stays with me after every meeting is how funny he is. David has a terrific sense of humor.

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