Meet a Musician: Guido Sanchez, Guitarist



Bloomington, Indiana, is a special city for musicians—visitor or resident, foreign or domestic, famous or little-known. It also happens to be a city with a large university and a large school of music, a meeting place for all kinds of performers, educators, and researchers. This post is part of a photo series that looks at the many people in Bloomington who call themselves a musician.

A native of Costa Rica, Guido Sanchez has lived and studied in Bloomington since 2004. He is a classical guitarist by training, but also excels in many popular styles on both acoustic and electric guitars. Guido is currently completing his doctoral studies and is director of the Latin American Popular Music Ensemble at Indiana University. He is versatile and talented.

A few months ago I worked with Guido as producer on a recording project for WFIU Public Radio and the Latin American Music Center. We were recording his arrangement of the Nicaraguan Christmas song Cristo de Palacagüina by Carlos Mejía Godoy.

Guido took a beloved traditional song, modernized it, and gave it a Costa Rican touch. It was brilliant, to say the least. This much was confirmed by the ecstatic reaction that the recording elicited when I played it for my family and some Latin American friends over the holidays.

Guido has clearly got it.

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