Music from Magnatune: ‘Altri Stromenti’ performs Marco Uccellini



Led by violinist Leszek Firek, Altri Stromenti is a Polish period instrument ensemble whose specialty lies in the music of the 17th Century. Their two recordings at Magnatune reflect this and are both worth exploring.

The one entitled “Uccellini,” however, is a great find given that the ensemble tackles, with vigor and élan, an early Italian baroque composer whose music is not nearly as well-known as it should be.

Altri Stromenti draws their program from Marco Uccellini’s publication Il terzo libro delle sonate arie, et correnti (Venice, 1642), a collection primarily comprised of music for two violins and basso continuo. The recording also includes one-offs by contemporaries of Uccellini—Claudio Monteverdi, Maurizio Cazzatti, Barbara Strozzi, and a mysterious name, Wroclawski.

The ensemble is joined by soprano Olga Pasiecznik in a couple of pieces. Her interpretation of Monteverdi’s ‘Confitebor’ is simply stunning.

The recording is worth having in your collection. Click on any track to play:

Uccellini by Altri Stromenti

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