Musician Links: Three Lutenists



Early musicians of note.

  • Spain: Xavier Díaz-Latorre “is a member of renowned orchestras and chamber groups such as those conducted by Jordi Savall…[and] has his own vocal and instrumental ensemble, Laberintos Ingeniosos, which specialises in performance of music from the Spanish Golden Age.”
  • France: Eric Bellocq “has been playing mainly renaissance lute with the ensemble Clément Janequin” as well as collaborating in a “duo with a juggler Vincent de Lavenère, [with whom] he has been able to resume production of his own musical works, while remaining faithful to the early music styles.”
  • Germany: Lee Santana is an American who “has had the honour [of performing] with numerous very good ensembles as well as with interesting directors and soloists. He is active as a soloist and as duo partner of the gambist Hille Perl. Together they founded the trio LOS OTROS with Steve Player and the quartet THE AGE OF PASSIONS with Petra Müllejans and Karl Kaiser.”

(Lee Santana; photo: Markus Wessollek)

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