New Orleans: Bach Around The Clock



Trinity Episcopal Church, New Orleans (photo: turboluigi33)

For the last fourteen years, a special event has taken place in honor of J.S. Bach‘s birthday (March 21) at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans.

It’s a festival, of sorts, entitled Bach Around The Clock (BATC), which runs for 29 hours straight and features every kind of music under the sun (plus dance, theater, you name it).

The event is the brainchild of Trinity’s music director and organist, Albinas Pritzgintas, who accompanies on all manner of keyboards during what turns out to be more of a marathon that anything else. As the performances run through the night, audience members have traditionally been encouraged to bring sleeping bags.

New Orleans is an eccentric city, to say the least, and the BATC is just another of its unique events that could not happen anywhere else in the world.

Here’s an All Things Considered feature from 2006, in which NPR reporter Amy Walters interviews Pritzgintas.


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