Nicaragua: Alejandro Cousin’s March “Del Atlántico al Pacífico”



A. Cousin - Marcha a Menocal

Before the construction of the Panama Canal, Nicaragua was the principal country of interest in forging a commercial waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, from at least the middle of the nineteenth century onward. However, the Nicaraguan Canal has remained a complicated and ambitious dream on the part of many national and international organizations up to this today.

Here’s a short announcement from the Managua newspaper El País about Alejandro Cousin‘s march “From the Atlantic to the Pacific,” composed in June of 1888, and dedicated to Aniceto G. Menocal, the distinguished Cuban engineer who played an important role towards the building of the canal in Nicaragua during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Menocal March—Mr. Cousin, Director of the Band of the Supreme Powers, is writing a march dedicated to Aniceto G. Menocal, and will soon be premiered.

Mr. Cousin wanted to take advantage of his time and work on the piece, which we hope will live up to his reputation.
The march will be entitled thus, “From the Atlantic to the Pacific,” a title bearing reference to the building of the interoceanic canal through Nicaragua, whose realization is a beautiful, perpetual dream of all Nicaraguans. (El País, Managua, June 6, 1888)

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