Nicaragua: Brief Sojourn in San José, Costa Rica



Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica

In mid-March, I spent five days in Costa Rica. And while the trip was relatively short (it was my first time in the country), I enjoyed it tremendously.

The reason for going: I accepted an invitation to give a harpsichord recital at the University of Costa Rica, during which time I also taught a lesson to a music major, toured the modest-yet-impressive historic music archive held at the School of Music, explored some of monuments in and around the capital, San José, and went to visit two of the four remaining Spanish colonial churches (of the two I didn’t see, one is in ruins while the other is located in a different part of the country and was too far to reach on that day).

Of the many wondrous things I learned on the trip was that there are around a dozen harpsichords in the capital, a handful of which are in good working order (all held in private hands). This is in stark contrast to Nicaragua where there is only one.

Here is a selection of the photos I took on my trip (more can be found here).

Iglesia de San José, Orosi, Costa Rica

Teatro Nacional, San José, Costa Rica

Casa Vargas Cullell, San José, Costa Rica

Lago de Cachí, Costa Rica

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