Nicaragua: Delgadillo and his “Comentarios…,” pt. 1



The tile page (detail) to "Comentarios a los Consejos de Schumann" (Managua, 1919) by Luis Abraham Delgadillo.

Title page (detail) to “Comentarios a los Consejos de Schumann” (Managua, 1919) by L.A. Delgadillo.

In 1919 Nicaraguan composer Luis Abraham Delgadillo published his second book, “Commentary on the Advice by Schumann” (Tipografía Nacional, Managua), an elaborate series of glosses on Schumann’s sage advice given specifically to young musicians. And while Schumann had pianists and composers in mind when he originally wrote them, they are, indeed, applicable to all manner of musician, instrumentalist and singer alike. As is the commentary by Delgadillo.

Here is Delgadillo’s introduction in which he sets the stage for the commentary that follows each precept by Schumann.

In the Style of a Prelude

Neither professing to write new ideas nor hiding the truth, to which we bear our deepest respect, we shall limit ourselves at the present moment to commentary—simply and without using specialized terminology, so that the whole world might understand what we say—on the immortal advice by the eminent pianist Robert Schumann, dedicated to the youth of his era.

We, too, detached from common self-interest, as much as it damages everyday humanity, have wanted to bequeath something to today’s youth, who are devoted to art, sincere in effort, full of good faith, devoid of special interest by any class, and with practical use for the music student. The disciple will find in our commentary a sound interpretation, without prejudice, concerning the wise precepts of Schumann.

To the reader and lover of art, read the commentary carefully without worrying for a single moment that they belong to us. We won’t recommend them anymore, because the best recommendation of a work lies in its value or content. Hopefully, they will serve the musical future of the clever constellation of young pianists and modern composers.

Luis Abraham Delgadillo

Managua, 22 June 1919.

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