Nicaragua: Music Ads from the Late 19th Century



The following newspaper advertisements were taken out by noted musicians offering specialty goods or services.

A. Cousin (1888)

Managua: “MUSIC—Two upright pianos, for sale or rent. Sheet music for piano and other instruments. All manner of strings and replacement parts. For sale: cornets, flutes (Boehm system and 8-keyed), a harmonium (15 registers), and Trade Codes.” (Alejandro Cousin, 1888)

Pablo Vega (1891)

León and Masaya: “MUSIC STORE—I make available to the public, in León and our branch in Masaya, a complete assortment of musical instruments and accessories for orchestra and band. Methods for all instruments and select pieces by classical composers, and the same for guitars, accordions, and mandolins for amateurs. Come to the house of don Carmen Vega in Masaya or of the author in León!” (Pablo Vega, 1891)

Carlos Cuadra Perez (1886)

Granada: “CARLOS CUADRA PÉREZ—Offers home lessons in piano, voice, drawing, arithmetic, Spanish grammar, calligraphy, rhetoric and poetry. He also offers music copying, as well as piano repair and tuning. For lessons and services, he asks very reasonable prices.” (1886)

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