Nicaragua: The Bells of the Basilica Minor of Saint Sebastian, Diriamba



Over the past two hundred years, many churches in western Nicaragua have been rebuilt due to a multitude reasons, among which are neglect, war, and earthquakes. Nevertheless, there are remnants in today’s churches that link us to their past.

Among these remnants are the church bells, which I’ve discovered carry with them all sorts of information, from images in relief to writing that tells us something about why the bell was cast in the first place.

However, while not every bell is ancient, many have fascinating things to share.

In Diriamba, the Basilica Minor of Saint Sebastian has four bells, each with its own name, musical pitch, and weight.

All four were cast in France and later consecrated on October 30, 1953.

Here is each, in brief:

  • La Sebastiana, pitch: E, 1320 kg
  • La Concepción, pitch: F#, 990 kg
  • La Alejandra, pitch: G#, 710 kg
  • La Manuela, pitch: B, 450 kg
Basílica Menor de San Sebastián, Diriamba

Basílica Menor de San Sebastián, Diriamba

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