Nicaragua: The Death of Alejandro Cousin



Diario del Salvador

I have written about Alejandro Cousin in the past. You can get some idea as to his historical importance in Nicaraguan music history here and here.

On Monday, October 3, 1910, the Salvadorean newspaper Diario del Salvador reported the death of Cousin as relayed from a French news source. Entitled “Former President Zelaya in Brussels. The death of his father-in-law nearing the coast of France,” the notice confirms for me that Cousin was not buried in his hometown of Namur, Belgium as I previously had come to understand, but the French port city of Cherbourg:

“We read in Le Matin of Paris: ‘On September 4th former President Zelaya found himself in Cherbourg, [France]. He had gone there to await his family whose arrival had been announced for that date. On the 2nd, with the French coast in sight, don Alejandro Cousin died. He was the President’s father-in-law, who was traveling with [Zelaya’s] wife and children from Central America. The body of Mr. Cousin was buried in Cherbourg, due to the state of decomposition the body had reached, even though it was ready to be taken to Brussels, where the former President has made his residence, located at 48 Square Marie Louise.'”

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