Nicaragua: The Secret Talent of Henrique H. Gottel



Henrique H. Gottel was a German immigrant (later naturalized), who arrived in Nicaragua in the mid-19th Century. He soon became a successful businessman and later founded the weekly newspaper “El Porvernir de Nicaragua.”

In a biography written by Enrique Guzmán, published in 1883, the year of Gottel’s death (later republished in 1925), we learn that don Gottel was also a musician of significant ability, who may have left some musical footprints in Granada.

Here is the section of the biography that relates to his musical side.

A musician of note—who composes regularly, plays the piano well, and is always an enthusiastic admirer of the muse Euterpe—strived to purify our musical tastes. There are a number of music teachers in Granada who admit to having received good lessons in counterpoint and clean instrumental execution from that fine gentleman Henrique, so kind, so gracious, and who ‘knew about everything.’ We still hear fragments of music written by that unique man, who could so ably level a road in front of a gang of laborers, as he could interpret a Beethoven symphony at the piano. (“Biografía de Henrique H. Gottel”, Enrique Guzmán, Managua, 1883/1925)


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